About Us


The name? Well that' a simple one. It was a term coined in our training group. It described those guys who, no matter what their apparent form in training or recent splits, would always perform when the serious stuff started. They were always ready when the racing started. They were the Racesnakes. Want to be one?

Racesnake was founded on a passion. A passion for Triathlon and a passion for racing. As you'll see form our profiles we, the founders Mike and Carol Bridge, have raced a lot. As a brother and sister team we have been involved in Triathlon (and indeed endurance sport) at many levels and all distances since our teens. 

Triathlon is a tough sport with many complications and training demands and understandably many athletes are looking for guidance.

Whilst we coached at clubs, schools and triathlon academies developing our coaching craft, we would meet so many athletes taking poor advice, following one size fits all plans or just getting bad coaching. So Racesnake was born. Not to give people the same generic advice they could get from google or the tri media. Not to simply get them to 'stick to the plan'. Racesnake coaches athletes!

Racesnake is modelled on the training groups where we received our sporting education. We're not about team kit and we don't have levels of coaching. If you want to customise your race kit with our logo your welcome and as to coaching tiers, there's only one, our best. 

A few athletes, knowledgeable coaching, critical feedback, thoughtful analysis, coaches that really know their athletes. This is the coaching that put Carol in the Commonwealth Games, the top step of the podium at Outlaw half as well as Castle Series wins. It's what will get you to the results you desire!




Train smart. Race fast.